Home Photography Challenge – 14th January 2020 – Book and Candle Still Life

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For my still-life image today, I’ve used, yes the obligatory candle for light, a flower and book. For this image I wanted the texture of the wood and cloth to stand out.  So for the first time ever, I used focus-stack in Photoshop.

By setting the aperture, shutter and ISO to the same for each image, I just took 5 photos with various focus points.   Then in Photoshop, I aligned the layers and then auto-blended the layers using the stack option.

Using An in-depth tutorial on Focus Stacking written by Steve Patterson from Photoshop Essentials, I followed the steps and to be honest, it was so easy. The hardest part is making sure you have certain parts of the image in focus and that you have locked your settings so each image, has the same settings.

Give focus-stacking a try.  It is great if you have to shot with a larger aperture and you want more of your image in focus.

Posted as Part of Joseph’s 2020 Home Photography Challenge, as the items used for this still-life were from my home.  Have a great day everyone xx


10 responses to “Home Photography Challenge – 14th January 2020 – Book and Candle Still Life”

  1. I’ve heard of doing this, but haven’t tried it yet!
    Great photo!!

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    1. I thought it would be so complicated.. but it wasn’t. If you remember to lock your settings in.


  2. That’s a good technique Bren. The result is quite good indeed 🙂

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  3. This is a great picture. I like the photo challenge concept. Although i love candles I just don’t feel like doing all that…lol Guess I’m just being lazy.

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    1. Actually.. they are laughing in my family because I won’t even light decorative candles in a powercut..yet I’m lighting them for photography xx😂😂


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