A Photo a Week Challenge: At Play

Corton Coastline

Being a photographer that doesn’t do people 😀 😀 😀 I have interpreted Nancy’s At Play challenge for Photo a Week, as me playing around with colours in the HSL panel of Lightroom.

hsl payling around.jpg The HSL Panel in Lightroom is a panel I very rarely touch.   And it wasn’t until I watched a video from Nigel Danson that I started to really understand how much of an effect the HSL panel can have on an image.

If you want to see how Nigel does his painterly effect and uses the HSL panel, the video is at the end of my Betws-y-Coed post.

I have used this panel for some minor edits mainly grasses but I’ve never really changed the elements beyond a couple of points either side of the 0.

This panel has so much power it is unbelievable.   And it’s one I will be visiting more in my processing.  I’ve used the calibration panel a few times… but the HSL gives you more control over specific colours.

Posted as part of Nancy’s Photo a Week – At Play Photography Challenge.

6 thoughts on “A Photo a Week Challenge: At Play

    1. That challenge had been stumped for a couple of days.. I really thought I wouldn’t be entering anything as I don’t photograph kids or people. I have plenty of dogs playing but it is all paws and bums so no good 😀 😀 😀


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