Still Life – Browns and Creams – Rework

Yesterday I posted a still-life image of bottles, jug and sticks.  This morning when I looked at my blog… I didn’t like the edit as much as I did yesterday.

Several things were wrong.

        • The Background
        • Items too far apart
        • The colouring
        • The position of the flowers

So today was rework day.  I re-shot the still-life image, only this time I corrected what I didn’t like.

Browns and Creams
A photograph of jug, sticks and bottles photographed inside a crate.

Just by adding the crate, the background and colouring were transformed immediately.  Altering the position of the flowers made the candle highlight and accentuate the flowers with a better glow.  Positioning the items closer together just made the whole image work for me.

This is what I love about still-life photography.  If you don’t like what you’ve created previously you can just go back and reshoot the scene again.



2 responses to “Still Life – Browns and Creams – Rework”

  1. Yip I like that better.. 😉

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