Still Life – Brown and Creams

Browns and Creams

Continuing on the colour theme of still-life today’s colours are brown and cream, with the obligatory candle to give light.

I love the texture of the sticks, string and wooden hearts.  When looking for props for your still-life visit your local charity shop.  They have a variety of bric-a-brac items at reasonable prices.  Those little bottles and string, with their hearts just cost me £2. I also purchased a small vase for £1 and a scarf for £2 which I will use as a base for my still-life photography.

Posted as part of Joseph’s Home Photography Challenge.



12 responses to “Still Life – Brown and Creams”

  1. Your use of light and color is wonderful!

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  2. Lovely composition, Bren. The candle is a great addition and it adds wonderful, soft light to the scene. Each object is intriguing. Great choices!

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    1. Thank you xx.. I’m really enjoying this form of photography xx


  3. I love the warmth in this photograph.

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  4. Another great shot, love the warm lighting!


  5. Not my favourite still life but probably a good way to practise photography..

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    1. It sure is a good way of practicing still-life, finding out what works and what don’t works. Looking back on the image today, I wish I had shot the image with in the crate I used for the others. I think the darker background would have complimented the darker colour of the sticks.

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      1. Being still life you could go back and try again.. 😉


        1. Yes… I think I will reshoot that still-life again within the crate.


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