Still Life – Wash Jug and Candle

A photograph of a wash jug and candle

Well finally, I can get down to what I want to do with my Photography… Still Life.  They were all amazed at my Christmas list, items ranged from wooden crates and boxes to wicker baskets and sticks.

My final item arrived today via Amazon, Peony flowers.  So it was now time to be creative.  Up in my bathroom, I have a wash jug and bowl and whilst having a bath the other day, I thought that would be a great item to use for still life.  However, I didn’t have any artificial flowers.  So last night it was off to Amazon and an ordered placed for vintage flowers.

The amazon man delivered and that was it… I was springing into action.

A still life image of a china wash jug and candle.

By changing the angle, aperture and white balance I created a moody warm-looking image.  I like the first image, in its cool tones, but as you may have gathered by now I do like moody images.

Now to tidy up and start planning tomorrows image.  Have a good day everyone.  And until next time – happy snapping. xx


6 responses to “Still Life – Wash Jug and Candle”

  1. I love the second one too.


    1. Yes the moody look is captivating. So pleased you like it xx


  2. A still life is very difficult to do well. This photograph is superb! My dear mother has a ceramic washbowl and pitcher that looks very similar to yours. Small world!

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    1. Thank you xx.. I’ve only just got into still life photography.. still learning the ropes. Your comment has made my day xx. And thanks for giving me the correct name for the jug xx. I knew it was called something but could I remember xx


  3. The candlelight on is my favourite. I would have had the candle unlit in the first as it distracts from the image. The setting is well arranged Bren 🙂


    1. Thank you xx great idea about not having the candle lit.. I’ll try that next time xx

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