2020 Home Photo Challenge – 8th January 2020

A photograph of a couple ornament made by Willow Tree.

I love Willow Tree Ornaments…  I got my first Willow Tree ornament from my son on Mother’s Day, depicting a mother and son, which naturally had me burst into tears.  The ornament above is called Together and it was the last Christmas Present I received from my Mum before she passed away.

Posted as Part of Joseph’s 2020 Home Photography Challenge.

4 responses to “2020 Home Photo Challenge – 8th January 2020”

  1. Great choice! I love Willow Tree Too! My kids got me the ornament with the Dad and his children! I keep it on my bureau. When they gave it to me I nearly cried too!

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    1. Thank you xx.. they are such beautiful sculptures xx.


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