Tuesday Photo Challenge – Portal


Portal of Space
Portal to another Galaxy

The above photograph I entered into another challenge and I think it is an ideal candidate for Franks, Tuesday Photo Challenge.  The portal into space.

Posted as part of the Tuesday Photo Challenge – Portal



17 responses to “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Portal”

  1. What a wonderful portal. Straight out of an Arthur C. Clarke novel.

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  2. Wonderful Bren 🙂

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  3. This is amazing. Love it!


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  4. Perfect for this challenge

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  5. How wonderful – like a sci-fi novel.

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  6. Wow is an understatement – how did you capture all that …. patience and being in the right spot at the right time I bet. Serendipity thrown in to boot. Thanx for sharing.. so spectacular


    1. It is a composite I created… Here in the UK we don’t get to see galaxies like that so it was created using a free PNG image of a galaxy, and mountains xx


  7. […] created a fantastic image that she featured in this week’s entry from Bren & Ashley Ryan Photography; it’s truly a portal to another […]

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