Your Daily Word Prompt – Purpose – December 10, 2019

Now I love the formation of these clouds but there was one giant photographic no-no in the image; the horizon.  Instead of it being further down or further up it was smack bang in the middle.

I knew I wanted to give the image a paint effect.  So to process this image I used Topaz Impression (I used the old programme) but you can get the same effect by using Topaz Studio 2.

Corton Coastline

But still, the horizon was the problem.

So to distract your eye away from the horizon… I used Photoshop to add a bird flying in the sky.

Corton Coastline

Your eye is now drawn to the bird.

So this little bird did serve a purpose!

Posted as part of the Daily Word Prompt – 10th December 2019 – Purpose hosted by Sheryl.


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