Sheffield Gardens Path – Tutorial.

Sheffield Park Gardens


  • Added Lens Correction and Remove Chromatic Abberation.
  • Used the Transform Tool set to Auto and cropped the image.
  • Sent to Photoshop.


  • Duplicated Layer
  • On duplicate Layer added Motion Blur set to Angle -90 and Distance 166
  • Created Layer mask to remove some of the blur from the path.
  • Added a Posterize Adjustment Layer and set the opacity to 12% and Overlay Blend Mode
  • Added Photo Filter Adjustment Layer set to Warming Filter (81) with 62% Density
  • On the original image, I selected via Color Range Selector the tree trunks and then added a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer and set the colourize option and picked a caramel colour.
  • Next, I stamped all the layers together.
  • On the Stamped layer I added a gradient effect by double-clicking on the layer which bought up the effects panel.  I used a bright orange to deep red radial gradient overlay, set to the blend mode darken with 22% opacity.  And the reverse setting checked.

gradiant layer

  • Saved the image, when then was automatically sent back into Lightroom.

Layers - Sheffield Park Gardens


  • Added a Post-Crop Vignette set at -30
  • Added three radial filters. Two with the exposure set to 0.41, clarity 18 highlighting the wooded area and one of the tree trunks.

radial filters - sheffield

  • For the final radial placed on the path had the settings of  Exposure 0.41, Texture 16 and Clarity 1.

Before and After  Sheffield.jpg

These edits have taken an image that would have been discarded and given it a whole new lease of life.  Hope you find this helpful.. and have a good weekend everyone.


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