Photo for the Week – 47 – Abundant

First of all, thank you to all those that participated in last week’s challenge.  What great images for last week’s challenge.  I am truly grateful for all those that participated.

abundant: existing or available in large quantities; plentiful: having plenty of: a lot of:

Tulips from Dixter
A photograph of pink and white tulips from Dixter House and Gardens in East Sussex.

One of our trips we visited a place called Great Dixter House and Gardens and as we strolled around the gardens, I couldn’t believe the number of tulips that were growing in the flower beds.

Tulips upon Tulips
Red tulips from Dixter

Every flower bed within the grounds were filled with various colours of tulips.  As tulips are one of his favourite flowers, he was of course in his element. 😀 😀

Springtime is full of daffodils at Goodnestone Park Gardens in Kent.

Goodnestone Park Gardens
A photograph of a mass of daffodils photographed at Goodnestone Park Gardens in Kent.


On another note, can I ask for the reader’s help in promoting this weekly challenge and the monthly Before and After Challenge!

 Last Week’s Entries

Bench – Une photo, un poème
RyanPhotography-WeeklyPC-46-Benches – WoollyMuses
Photo for the Week – 46 – Benches | nowathome
Benches in Bellahouston Park — Photo for the Week #46 – Jez Braithwaite
Benches – bushboys world

Next Week’s Challenge is Water

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15 responses to “Photo for the Week – 47 – Abundant”

  1. Oh dear, it looks like my link for benches did happen 😦


    1. Sorry about that Bushboy… I was away weekend, and I scheduled the post for Monday Morning, hoping to get up by the time it was published and add any links that came in after I scheduled the post and slept in… I’ve now edited the post to include your link xx

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  3. Beautiful florals, Bren.

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    1. Thank you… I’ll go and have a look. Thanks for joining the challenge.


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