Luminar 4 – Sky Replacement

Do you have images that have bland skies? Just like this one!

Goodnestone Park Gardens

It was a bright blue spring day when the above image was shot.  I just loved how tall this tree was.. but the backdrop of the sky just wasn’t right.  So a trip to Luminar 4 and a touch of sky replacement and a mystic preset created this image.

Goodnestone Park Gardens

I wanted to take this image to the extreme and I loved the sky and how the clouds reflected through the tree.  So to take it to the extreme once back in Lightroom I used some presets I had purchased to create this gallery of images of the tree.


6 responses to “Luminar 4 – Sky Replacement”

  1. Although I liked the extreme ones too but the second one is beautiful. The intensity of the sky is inadequate to complement the structure and wideness of the tree.

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    1. Thank you. I like what Luminar Sky Replacement did.


  2. Is there a significant enough difference between Luminar 3 and 4 to warrant the upgrade cost? The sky replacement tool looks very good…


    1. Also Luminar 4 has AI structure which identifies objects and boosts the details. I would say it is worthy of the upgrade fee.

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  3. Love the second one with the new sky.


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