Photo for the Week – 43 – Blue

First of all, thank you to all those that participated in the challenge set two weeks ago. My apologies for there being no challenge last week but real-life got in the way. Yet again. Anyway, I am back this week and the theme of the challenge is Blue.

Blue Hydrangea

Blue hydrangeas are one of my favourite flowers… I just love its colour. When we had hydrangeas in our garden we have purchased tubs of Hydrangea Blue to get them to a vibrant blue colour, as hydrangeas are primarily pink.

Another blue hydrangea flower photographed at Nymans in West Sussex.

Blue can also be found in seascape images.

Cliftonville Bay
Cliftonville Bay in Thanet. Processed using Topaz Impression.

Skies also have so much blue in them which again can reflect in the water.

A photograph of the sea and cliffs at Cliftonville Bay in Kent.

So for this week’s challenge, anything blue. Whether it be seas, floral or skies the choice is yours, and I look forward to viewing your images.

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Next Week’s Challenge is Square

How to join the challenge

If you wish to participate in the weekly challenge, please feel free… my weekly post will be published at 8am on Monday Mornings UK Time. The challenge will be called Photo for the Week# (representing the number) – Subject Name, and here are the instructions for entering:

  1. Publish a post on your blog by the first Monday of every week… The weekly challenge will be posted on the first Monday of the Month at 8 am.
  2. Use the tags PFTW or Photo for the Week – that way I can find the tags easily in WordPress Reader, which means I won’t miss a submission.
  3. Create a pingback to the relevant week.
  4. If you can’t create pingback/trackback, don’t worry, post a comment below and I will comment on your blog.
  5. Follow Ryan Photography so you don’t miss out on the weekly challenges.

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