Lightroom CC/Classic, Behance and Portfolio

There is a lot of talk about Adobe and how they have captured the market and various blog posts offering alternatives… however, my Photography Plan is just under £10 a month.  I have thought long and hard, at times, whether or not I renew my contact with Adobe when it comes to the end of the year.  And no matter how close I get to thinking I’ll move away from Adobe, Lightroom Classic always draws me back.

photography plan1

And of course, you get the benefits of Photoshop.  20gb isn’t a lot of storage if you want to store vast amounts of images.  But for me, who stores all their images on an external hard drive, it is enough.

Any images I take on my phone, I can sync to Lightroom CC and then once I’ve transferred them to my hard-drive I can remove them from Lightroom CC.  As for editing, I like Lightroom Classic and mainly use a laptop.  Very rare do I use a tablet.  So Classic for me is the Lightroom program I use.

But for your £10 a month you don’t get just the Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic and Photoshop you also get the use these options, Adobe Stock, Adobe Fonts, Adobe Spark, Adobe Colour, Adobe Portfolio and Adobe Behance.    Adobe Spark, Portfolio and Behance are the elements I want to talk to you about.  To access any of these elements just go to your Creative Cloud App and select Launch against the element you want to use.

Photography plan extras

Adobe Portfolio

Now I like blogging, so writing posts and interacting via a blog is ideal for me.  But I also like to showcase images.  Naturally, I can do this on my blog, but if you don’t want a blog and you just want a Portfolio.  Then Adobe Portfolio is for you.

Portfolio Adobe

You can create pages, galleries and Adobe Portfolio allows you to create 5 separate Portfolios.  Yes, 5 Portfolios!  That is 5 different sites.  For me, one portfolio is enough.

You can, if you own a domain, set up your Portfolio to point to your domain name.  Instructions are simple and clear.  Now if I can do it.. so can you 😀 😀 😀

portfolio - domain

With Adobe Portfolio you can create pages, galleries and links to external sites.  The software is easy to use and you have a choice of templates and full control over the colours and fonts.

If you use Behance you can share your galleries to Behance directly from Portfolio.


By syncing your Collection in Lightroom Classic to Lightroom CC you can create collections and automatically upload those images to your Portfolio by creating a gallery and importing that Gallery via Lightroom Web into your Portfolio.

Scott Kelby of Lightroom Killer tips has written a great article about Lightroom and Portfolio.  Well worthy of a read.  My workflow/syncing of collections is on the right.  And it allows me to monitor what images I’ve added to my Portfolio.

So if you just want to showcase images, give Adobe Portfolio a try.  It is included in your plan and free to use.

 Adobe Behance

This is one aspect I don’t use on a regular basis and something that I must get to grips with.  Adobe used to have a Lightroom plugin that published your work to Behance but they have discontinued the plugin much to my annoyance and I found it so handy.  But again Behance is accessed via the Creative Cloud App.


Again they are two separate things with Behance being more where people can appreciate and comment on your work.  Again your work is fully customisable.

behance 1

To me, Behance is more like Flickr with more bells and whistles.  I don’t use Behance much to create projects.   But it is a feature that is available to you should you want to use it and again it is free.

Adobe Spark

Now I love this.  You can create publications, of images and text and share them across social media.  If you visit my Navigation Menu you can see a Visiting… tag and I have created a Spark Publication for Rochester and Strood.

This is an ideal thing if you want to create publications, maybe tutorials or projects with text and images.  And again you can share these publications across various social media platforms.  Unlike Portfolio which only allows you 5 Portfolios, with Spark you can create as many publications as you want to.  And I find them very professional looking and you can edit them, add to the publication.  As well as there being many different themes.


I hope you have found this information and if you have an Adobe Portfolio or Spark page you want to share, pop the link in the comments.

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