One Word Sunday – Luck

If there weren’t luck involved, I would win every time. ~ Phil Hellmuth

Las Vegas

And there is nothing like trying your luck at the tables in one of the many hotels along The Strip in Vegas.  The above photograph was taken from the Bellagio Hotel where there was a spectacular water display to music just about to take place.

Posted as part of the One Word Sunday – Luck hosted by Debbie Smyth.

7 responses to “One Word Sunday – Luck”

  1. I don’t gamble but I’ve stood in the spot where you took your photo several times. Great image.

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    1. Thank you xx. I had a go on the slots.. but left the tables alone xx


  2. A place where much good luck is required. And the best luck may be not being tempted to try!

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    1. Very true xx. Mind you I am not a gambler so wasn’t tempted. Had one flutter, on a slit machine.. list and didn’t bother again.


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