A Photo a Week Challenge: Changing Seasons

Acer at Wakehurst

Fall is one of my favourite seasons, simply because of the changes the season brings.  The leaves on the trees change colour and there is nothing like autumn/fall colours.

The above photograph is of an Acer tree planted at Wakehurst Place.

Another great place to visit to see autumn/fall colours is Sheffield Park Gardens in East Sussex.

Posted as part of the Photo A Week Challenge hosted by Nancy Merrill.


8 responses to “A Photo a Week Challenge: Changing Seasons”

  1. These snaps are really wonderful. Very lovely 🙂

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  2. Stunning Bren, have a nice weekend!!!

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    1. Thank you … Have a great weekend xx

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  3. Stunning colours! Autumn is always an irresistible time of year for photographers…

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    1. Thank you… I love autumn and spring xx

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  4. Wonderful shots and beautiful colours!

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