Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #63 – Magical

“There is a secret garden where miracles and magic abound, and it’s available to anyone who makes the choice to visit here.” ~Dr Wayne Dyer

To me, the ‘secret garden’ has to be woodlands.  Where you never know what is around the corner or the next tree.

Ashenbank Woods

And when you stumble on bluebells growing proudly in the woods you can see the pure magic of what our woodlands hold.

Bluebells of Ashenbank

Bluebells, blooming and the daffodils are signs of spring and that the magic of nature is truly wonderful.


For more information on joining this challenge please visit Ann-Christine’s blog who is hosting the lens-artists photo challenge for this week.


8 responses to “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #63 – Magical”

  1. So beautiful Ryan, have a nice Sunday!!!


    1. You too xx Thanks for the lovely comment!


  2. Lovely choices Bren, very magical indeed

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  3. Beautiful shots, Bren. Your love of nature and its magic shines through.

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  4. Remarkable images!Magical, indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

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