Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #62: Silhouettes

The topic for this weeks Lens-Artists challenge is called Silhouettes.  And for my entries, I am showcasing a couple of images I took in the past.  And I think monochrome images are great to show off silhouettes.

My first is the Greenwich Maritime Museum, in London.

A silhouetted photograph of Greenwich Maritime Museum

And for my second image, it is a photograph of the lake at Kelsey Park in Bromley, London.


Kelsey Park
Kelsey Park in London

For more information on this Lens-Artist Challenge of Silhouettes please visit Patti’s blog show has all the information on joining in the challenge.


6 responses to “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #62: Silhouettes”

  1. Hi, Bren. I was hoping you’d join us! I think you’re right about using b & w for silhouettes. It adds to the drama and impact. In your first shot, the trees are beautifully highlighted by the clouds/sky. The building is looming in the background. It draws us in, wondering more about it. In the second shot, the reflection of the trees and shadows draw us in closer and make us wonder more about where it was shot and what is hiding in the shadows.

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    1. Thank you.. it was a pleasure to enter and I’m glad you liked my images xx. Many thanks to you and the the other wonderful ladies for hosting the challenge xx


  2. Trees can never go wrong!

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    1. I do love trees xx. Especially those in a woodland.


  3. Interesting we had very few B&Ws this week Bren. I agree they’re great for silhouettes

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    1. I do love monochrome images. Xx. Thank you for your comment xx


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