The Calibration Panel in Lightroom Develop module

Let me start by saying that is one panel I never play with. Well, that was until today. Today I read an article on Photo Focus written by Serge Ramelli about things he wished he knew when he started to processing Landscape photos in Lightroom.

In the video at 5.34, he started to talk about using the Calibration Panel. And I found this of great interest. Naturally, I had to give it a go.

I processed my image of Colwyn Bay in Wales in Lightroom as normal.

Before Camera Calibration

Then I played around with the Camera Calibration panel. Something I had always been a bit wary of doing.

After Camera Calibration

Calibration Panel Sliders

I didn’t go overboard but I just changed the hue on the Red and Blue Primary sliders and increased the saturation for the Red, Green and Blue. Known as the RGB colours. I just love how it affects the whole image and even though I only wanted a little change in the colours, by playing around with those sliders it created a significant change. It made the skies look more stormy. And I loved how it bought out the warm tones in the lighter part of the image.

Calibration panel

The colours are richer and more intensified. Will I be using more of the Camera Calibration Panel in my processing… You know what? I might just be doing that from now on. I think I am hooked now on how subtle those sliders are and what a change they make. Many thanks to Serge for producing the video and to Photo Focus for their article.

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