Flower of the Day – 31st August 2019 and St Mary’s in Chiddingstone

St Mary's

Today we decided to go for a little drive to Chiddingstone.  We have been to Chiddingstone Castle before and I wanted to see the Olde Worlde look of the village. As you go around the corner into Chiddingstone by the roadside stands St. Mary’s Church.

As we walked back to the car we strolled by a window basket where this beautiful vibrant white and purple pansy was blooming.


I thought it would be an ideal candidate for Cee’s Flower of the Day Photography Challenge.

4 thoughts on “Flower of the Day – 31st August 2019 and St Mary’s in Chiddingstone

  1. Very interested to see your lovely picture of St Mary’s in Chiddingstone. During the 2nd world war, my grandparents rented a cottage in Chiddingstone that belonged to the church. All the family loved spending time in this charming village as it made a refreshing break from the bombing in London and my mother told me on many occasions that it had always been her dream to remain in Chiddingstone once the war was over. Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way but she always had fond memories of the place. I still have some old postcard pictures of the church and some rather crumpled photos of the cottage.

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