Lens-Artists Challenge #57 – Taking A Break

Llandudno Beach

Thank you, Tina, for this Lens-Artists challenge called Taking a Break.  This challenge couldn’t have been apt as we were starting our holiday.  You see, as Tina set this challenge we were heading via, Staffordshire for a few nights with family, to Wales.  And on our break, we visited Llandudno.  Believe it or not, this photograph was taken at about 10 in the morning and there wasn’t a soul on the beach.

This photograph was primarily produced in Lightroom, sent to Photoshop and given the soft look via the Luminar 3 Filter, before returning back into Lightroom where a quick couple of radial filters were added.  If you want to try and/or buy Luminar 3, then either click on this link or by clicking on the Luminar thumbnail in the sidebar on the right.


4 responses to “Lens-Artists Challenge #57 – Taking A Break”

  1. Hope you had/are having a lovely break Bren. You image is wonderful

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    1. Thank you… We had a lovely time xx. It was nice to get away xx


  2. Have a great time, Bren. Your shot is spectacular. Wishing you lots of fun and great photo ops!

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