New Direction… A year on… of my #postaday challenge.

366 posts

Back in July 2018, the 31st to be precise, I added my first entry to Cee’s Flower of the Day Photography Challenge.

I decided back then to do a #postaday challenge and as many challenges are either weekly or monthly, I needed a challenge that was daily. Cee’s challenge fit the bill and this particular challenge has led me on a path where I found one aspect of photography I truly love. Floral Photography. Today marked my 366 days of posting to the challenge.

Naturally, as I love this challenge, I will continue to enter my floral images. Maybe not every day, because I think at the moment I have bloggers fatigue. 😀 😀 😀 How I admire Cee and other bloggers who manage to post every day. And I admit at times I have had to play catch-up. And over holiday times I have had to schedule posts. But boy have I enjoyed the challenge. I tip my hat to daily bloggers… they are the salt of the earth when it comes to the blogging world.

New Direction

Over the last few months and week’s I have tried hosting challenges.. at first, they seemed to get a few entries.. then the entries died off. I do enjoy doing the challenges. And thanks to all those that have entered, your contributions have made the challenges really enjoyable. But, I think I will stick with just one challenge. And that challenge will be down to you, the readers, to decide which challenge I will continue, in the future.

Again thanks to all the readers for their contributions, they have been greatly appreciated.

Until my next post.. have a great week… and I will leave you with a collection of floral images from the past year.

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