A bit of everything with software

Playing around with various bits of software is one of the things I love doing.  Take this image for instance.. photographed at Riverside Marina at Lymington, I loved the image but it was bland.

The sky was bland.. there was a post I didn’t like and a sign on the wooden board.  So from Lightroom, I knew the only place to deal with these issues was Photoshop as the Spot Removal Tool in Lightroom wasn’t going to cut it.

So off to Photoshop, first of all, I removed the post.  Then I selected an area close to the sign and copied and pasted that onto another layer.  Then using the transform tool and set to distort I pasted the selected piece over the notice and aligned the edges.

My god, what do I do with that sky?  So I used the GRFX Free software and selected a sky replacement.  Once I did that back into Photoshop where I did some more edits using Luminar 3.  Once I was happy with that… I saved the image back into Lightroom, where I played around with a few radial filters to add light.


Profile in Lightroom set to Color


The above image is with the colour Profile set to colour and I thought I would use a couple of other Lightroom profile filters to see the effect they had on the image.


Profile in Lightroom set to Modern 07


Profile in Lightroom set to Artistic 01

What a difference profile changes make!  The Modern 07 profile made the image more saturated and darker.   Whereas the Artistic 01 profile changed the hue of the whole image to give a more blueish tint.  Out of the three images, I think my two preferences are either the colour profile or the artistic 01 profile.  To me, the Modern 07 profile is too heavily saturated.  Have a play around with the profiles, on some of the Profiles in Lightroom you have the ability to increase or decrease the effect of the profile.

As far as my editing goes, selecting a profile is one of the first things I do when editing an image.  Have a good weekend everyone and happy snapping.




10 thoughts on “A bit of everything with software

  1. Wow! You take amazing photos, and amazingly good advice. I haven’t got Photoshop, only Lightroom, which really only covers the basics. Again I’ll try the free software. Thank you.

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