Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #46 – Delicate

The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge for this week, set by Ann-Christine, is called Delicate.

For my first image… I am using new flowers that are just starting to bloom in early March.

Scotney Castle

I love the onset of spring when new flowers bloom are so delicate that they hope to survive the harsh frosts of spring.  Just like this hydrangea with its single bloom.

Hydrangea from Scotney

Delicacy is also shown in ruins… like the Old Castle at Scotney Castle in Kent.

Old Scotney Castle

The main wall just by the tree is delicate that the top ridge tiles have fallen.  Thanks to all the curators of the Lens Artists challenges for hosting this wonderful photo challenge.

Scotney Castle

You can see how delicate those ruins are.  Scotney Castle is one of the places that I love to visit and it is owned and maintained by the National Trust.


17 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #46 – Delicate

    1. Scotney Castle is one of the places we love to visit. To be honest we haven’t been for a few years and weather permitting tomorrow we might do a trip there. Scotland is beautiful scenery, we have yet to visit Ireland, it is on our list of places to visit.


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