On the River at Cockermouth

On the River

Photography planThere has been a lot of hype about the price increase for Adobe Software.  By luck, here in the UK, you can still get the Photography Package for £9.98.  How long that will last I really don’t know!  But the worst part of the price increase. is that it has doubled.  I don’t mind paying extra due to inflation… but I don’t want 1TB of cloud storage.  20gb does me nicely.

By all accounts, those people who are forced to have the increased price know that if you want the £9.98 version you can have it… but only with Lightroom, not with Photoshop thrown in.  As I said here in the UK they are still offering the Photography Plan at £9.98 with Photoshop and Lightroom.

So what will I do?  Will I say goodbye to Adobe?  Well at the moment – No!  I like others will have to suffer the price increase should Adobe adopt the price increase worldwide.  You see at the moment they are trialling the new price.  And I suppose if it doesn’t get greeted well, they will revert back to the original Photography Plan…. hopefully.

Can I live without Photoshop?  If I need too. But the likes of projects which include twirling and compositing will be put on the back burner.

Yes, there is other software out there that has Digital Asset Managers attached to the software, On1 Raw 2019.2 and Luminar 3.  However, these programmes don’t offer the flexibility of Lightroom Classic Publishing tools.  You can’t create books, you can do Print Templates, and you can Publish to Flickr, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram, 500px and WordPress to name a few by using Plugins.  And it is these features that I don’t want to lose.  So as they say Adobe has us by the *****, they can increase their prices as much as they like and we will still pay.  Albeit begrudgingly!

The above image was photographed at Cockermouth in Cumbria and processed in On1 Raw 2019.2 and Lightroom Classic.


  1. Great photo! I’ve also been wondering what to do if the subscription price doubles. I’ve been looking at Luminar, Smart Photo Editor and thinking about the freeware tool Gimp as well, but I don’t particularly fancy the steep learning curve. There’s no way I’m paying twice as much each month for Photoshop though…

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