Photo for the Week- 35 – Moody

First of all many thanks to all those that participated in last month’s challenge.  This week’s challenge is Moody.  I love moody photographs and one photographer I do follow is Julie Powell who is renowned for her Moody Still life photography.  She has given me the inspiration to start still life photography.  I have a light box and a tripod… now I just need to get myself some subjects.

Anyway as I haven’t got that far yet, I thought I would create a moody landscape image.  I love the darkness and mood of the clouds in this image.

On the Road

I’m looking forward to seeing your interpretations on Moody..  Happy Snapping and have a great Month xx

Next Month’s Topic is – Overlay

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Have a good week everyone xx

20 responses to “Photo for the Week- 35 – Moody”

  1. that is a moody photo – and the road with bits of homes makes one wonder –

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    1. Thank you xx yes it makes you wonder what is further down the road xx


  2. Very interesting!
    Scenes like these can also provide a good look at the mood.

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  3. wonderful mood in this photo

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  4. Very beautiful pictures

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  5. […] Rusted hulk of a ship wrecked on the rocks of Inisheer, the smallest of the Aran Islands, off the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland (Pixlromatic)……and the photo app Stackables.Ceide Fields, a pre-historic graveyard in Ireland, with the burnt-out sky replaced, and then run through the photo app Snapseed.Foggy morning in Galway, run through the photo app Snapseed.Stone wall of castle ruins at Galley Head painted in the photo app Psykopaint and then run though Stackables.Silhouette of church ruins in Ireland, run through the photo app Stackables.More of Ryan Photography’s Photo of the Month: Moody. […]

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  6. I love moody photos! So much in them!
    Here’s my take on the theme (photo not from today, but perhaps will ring true still, for some, on a Monday or another day. ..)

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  7. […] The word prompt for Bren’s Photo for the Month #35: Moody […]

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  8. Love your moodiness Bren 🙂
    A bit of moon moody from me

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    1. Thank you xx thanks for joining in xx


  9. Very frustrating when ping backs do not. 🙂

    Now I have a reason to have a moody post…and here ’tis!

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    1. Thanks for entering XX.. I know it’s so frustrating I really do wish WordPress would sort the problem out xx


  10. Wonderful Picture for this month, here is my contribution for the challenge theme,
    greetings robert

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Great set of images Robert. Many thanks for entering the challenge xx


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