Boats at Dungeness

On a cold winter’s morn, we set out for Dungeness to photograph the boats that sit on the shore.

I liked the above image but it was too cluttered for me  What with the black box, little dinghy and the wooden and jump by the little dark blue boat.

Layers -Boats at DungenessLightroom was not going to remove this amount of clutter… that was for sure.  So it was off to Photoshop for some spot healing and good use of the patch tool.

I know I wanted to create a paint-effect image.  So after doing some spot healing (Layer 1) I then stamped the layers together and sent the image to Topaz Impression.  I liked the result I did with Topaz Impression.

Then I send to the image GRFX Free from Serge, where I replaced the sky, but it needed a few tweaks, and I did this back in Photoshop using adjustment layers.. as clipping masks so that it only affected the GRFX layer and not the whole image.

Then into Luminar … for some more creative work and then I noticed a couple of some areas that needed further attention with the clone tool.  So I stamped the layers together again and did a little bit more spot healing using the brush and patch tool.

When I was happy… I saved the image and it got reimported back into Lightroom where I played around with the Saturation, Vibrance, and added a bit of dodging and burning.

Boats on the Shore
Final image

Have a great weekend everyone xx


14 responses to “Boats at Dungeness”

  1. Love the lighting. Nicely done!

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  2. I like the declutter – love the new image although a little bit too much glow – would mute it down a bit if I was hanging it up – and it is that cool where I could see it hung up.
    The boats whisper a story

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    1. Thank you.. agree with you about the glow.. just needs to be toned down, have a great weekend xx


  3. Great work, Bren. I used a 28-80 wide angle lens from inside the house due to cold weather.

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  4. bhullarransher715 avatar

    I would really appreciate if you check out my blogs!

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    1. Will do .. thanks for dropping by xx


  5. All you did could also be done in on1 plus LR and PS. Love the effect.

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    1. Thank you xx. I have on1 and keep forgetting to use it xx


      1. On1 has some terrific presets as starting points and it is easy to sky replace. And each month or so I get more presets as a Plus member. I like the fact that I can work in a PSD file non destructively with on1. I can open on1 in PS or LR but prefer to go from LR to PS to on1 then maybe back to PS.

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        1. I will have to give it a whirl.. perhaps I’ll take to it… Maybe I gave up too quickly xx


  6. Nice one

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