Photoshop – Saving as a PSD

When working in Photoshop, and adding elements to an image and different layers adjustments, like texture and moon’s/skies etc, when saving the image I always save it as a PSD.  I never flatten or merge the layers before saving.

I know this method of saving your work creates large file sizes and eats up disc space, but I have found it invaluable.  Especially if you ever want to rework an image for one reason or another.  You see once you’ve merged the layers or flattened the image and saved it as a PSD your layers will not be visible should you re-open the file in Photoshop to work further on it.

Take for instance the image below.  I added a sky and moon.

However 6 months later, I wasn’t happy with a couple of things… the moon and the sign on the bridge.  Because I added a moon on top of another moon to create the moon craters if I had flattened or merged the layers before saving, I would not have been able to make a couple of adjustments of adjustments I wanted to do.. like resizing the moon crater image and the brightness of the moon.  Removing the sign was no problem.

The above image is entered into Weekly Word Prompts – Sphere curated by Sue W and GC.


2 thoughts on “Photoshop – Saving as a PSD

  1. I totally agree Bren. Whatever software we use to edit, always always save the original first!
    So glad you were able to link to the challenge when so many of us are having difficulties.

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