Channel Masks and an Autumn Photo

Today I watched a great tutorial from Matt Kloskowski and as a novice Photoshop user, I’ve never really played around with Channel Masks.  Well, to be honest, I didn’t have much of a clue until I watched this video and what you could do with them.

So the image I used for this experiment was one I took back in 2017 at Sheffield Park Gardens.

Seat by the lake

And I had the exact same problems as Matt did in his image, so following the video, I did exactly what Matt did and I achieved this result.

Seat by the lake

Anyway whilst still in Photoshop, I did another two edits. One using Luminar 3 and the other Using Topaz Studio.

Seat by the lake
Luminar 3 Edit
Seat by the lake
Topaz Studio Edit

As you can see they are practically the same, but I do like the Luminar 3 edit a little bit more.  However, on saying that, for free software, you just can’t beat Topaz Studio. If you want to download either of them, to keep me in coffee, please use the links in the side panel … many thanks and have a great weekend everyone.  Mind you here in the South East we are battening down the hatches for Storm Hannah to arrive.

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