GRFX Studio Serge

Serge Ramelli, is one photographer I do follow and I’ve just downloaded the free software. And boy does it make good of your images. So I thought I would try an image I took with my phone back when I was on holiday in San Francisco.

Below is the original image.

GRFX Studio Serge – Sky Replacement.

Now with GRFX Studio Edge

Hyde Street Pier
A photograph of Hyde Street Pier in San Francisco.

I also downloaded the 15-day free trial and produced this image.

Now for the bad news.. I couldn’t get it to work with Lightroom CC.  Maybe it is something to do with the windows version.  But no way would it send my image to GRFX Studio.  In fact, even though I restarted Lightroom, I still didn’t find the software in the Edit in menu.  It installed the plugin for Photoshop but not Lightroom CC (Windows version).

2 thoughts on “GRFX Studio Serge

    1. I found easy to add a replacement sky.. however it depends on your workflow as you say, and being free it is rather limited with about 5 skies to choose from. What I do like about it though is the reflection it creates with the sky.


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