Soft Focus Floral – Preset – Free

As many of you may have gathered, I love Floral Photography.  And I have a particular style to my floral images… I create a soft looking image, with spots of light and clarity.

I know some photographer’s don’t like to give their processing techniques away as they don’t want people to copy their style, which I can understand and appreciate.  However, I am of the firm opinion, that if someone copies my style, it is an honour.

Processing my image.

Primarily, I use Lightroom and very rarely do I go into Photoshop to process a floral image.  Most editing can be achieved in Lightroom and the only time I would use Photoshop is if I wanted to create a Paint-Effect. And then my image has already been edited in Lightroom.

So to keep doing the same edits I created myself a Soft Floral Focus Preset.  Which I use on every floral image.  Then I either move the radial filters, add to the radial filters or change the settings of the adjustments slightly.   I find this Preset a valuable tool when creating my soft focus floral image, as it cuts down the time I spend editing.

So if you like my soft focus floral processing technique and would like to use it, feel free.  to use the preset,  click on the Download link below, where you can download the Preset in zip format.  To use the Preset simply unzip the folder, and then import the Preset into either Lightroom or Camera Raw.

Happy snapping everyone!!!! And I hope you find this Preset useful !!!

DOWNLOAD – Soft Focus Floral Preset



20 responses to “Soft Focus Floral – Preset – Free”

  1. Beautiful soft-focus shots!

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  2. These are lovely.

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  3. Your photos are always beautiful Bren! 😍😎

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  4. Beautiful photos!! 😀

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  5. Love these soft focused photos!

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  6. Thank you very much for this preset, Bren. I’ve added it to Lightroom.

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    1. You are welcome xx looking forward to seeing your images xx

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      1. Once I’ve sorted how to manoeuvre the radial filter!

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        1. Just click on the radial filter and then drag it to where you want it. To increase the size click the radial filter and the drag one of the four squares on the outer edge to change size.

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          1. Thank you. I’ll have a go later. Is midweek monochrome back?

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          2. Hopefully in a couple of weeks.. laptop problems xx

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          3. Hope you get it fixed 🤞

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          4. Think it’s past is sell by date 🤣🤣🤣

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