Lens-Artists Challenge #36 – Around the Neighborhood

The Lens-Artists Challenge #36 – Around the Neighborhood set by Tina, is about your neighbourhood and local to me is the historic city of Rochester.

Rochester is renowned for its Cathedral and Castle.

Rochester Castle

Rochester Cathedral

As well as the historic River Medway with its many boats that are moored on the River.

Boats on the Medway

Rochester is also renowned for its many festivals held during the year.  From the Sweeps Festival the Dickensian Christmas as well as its Medieval Merriment festival.

Along with the old bridge that spans the River Medway.




15 responses to “Lens-Artists Challenge #36 – Around the Neighborhood”

  1. Good job – all caught up!! Love the post-processing on all of these and the scenes are beautiful

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  2. […] For the Lens-Artist Challenge: Around the neighborhood […]

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    1. Lovely image.. however it is not my challenge.. it is Tina’s challenge XX. The link to her challenge is in the post xx


  3. Great neighbourhood Bren 🙂

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  4. Really a beautiful neighborhood! Love the historic buildings!

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  5. Great neighborhood – and brilliant shots and post processing!

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  6. Beautiful photos! Especially like the historical buildings!

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