Combining Presets in Topaz Studio – Penshurst Plance

One of the things I love about Topaz Studio is the ability to combine presets.  By combining various presets together it gives you a vast variety of options when editing images.

My original image of Penshurst Place was first of all given a couple of tweaks in Lightroom, mainly cropping, spot removal, and auto transforming the image.

Penshurst Place

Even though I liked the imag, I knew I wanted to create a piece of artwork and as I have Topaz Impression Software which is accessible via Topaz Studio I thought I would do my painting effects in Topaz Studio.

The first preset I used was called Impression Workflow

impression workflow

Which gave me this image.

Penshurst Place

By clicking on the Apply button in the Topaz created a duplicate of the image.  To this duplicate I added a Preset called Celestial Skies.

celestial skies

I tweaked this Preset..  added a colour overlay until I achieved this image.

Once I was happy with that I imported both images back into Lightroom and continued to do a lot of editing in Lightroom as you can see from the before and after image.

before and after

Which gave me this final image, which is a combination of the Impression Workflow Preset and Celestial Skies Preset.

I love the golden tones of this image.  However taking the processing one step further, as I had already imported the image with just the Impression Workflow Preset added, I decided to copy all the adjustments I had made to the image with both presets added and pasted them into the image with just the Impression Workflow Preset added.

Penshurst Place

I could have created as many different effects as I wanted to in Topaz Studio by just clicking the apply button and then adding a new preset to the image the software had created.  And just for fun, I decided to turn my Impression Workflow/Celestial Skies into a Glow in the Dark Image, by following the same instructions of clicking apply and creating a new image.

glow in the dark




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