Playing around – Just for fun

It is winter here in the South East of England and with that comes the closure of many gardens and stately homes.  So for images it is delving into the archives and places we have visited during the years.

Well today I stumbled across this image..

Marle Place House

Marle Place in Kent.  And this image was taken witin the gardens of Marle Place.  In fact when we visited Marle Place, it was on the first day of their gardens opening for the year and we were the very first visitors.

Well processing this image was easy in a way.. because I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve.. I wanted an oil paint/abstract effect.

Marle Place House

So off to Photoshop we went.  Once in Photoshop I used a filter from Topaz Impression.  Then for me, I knew I just had to work on the colours… so for the greenery using the Colour Range option I selected the greenery and then added a colour overlay to brighten the greens.  Then I did the same for the orange bricks and the red-tone tiles and bricks.

Finally using the brush tool, I added some clouds and used a sky overlay with just a hint of the overlay.

Finally it was the good old oil paint filter with a reduced opacity to give the oil paint effect to the image. And then back into Lightroom and added the pre-installed Lightroom Brighthen Preset.


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