Luminar 3

Yesterday was the release of Luminar 3.. with its new Digital Asset Manager where you can now view a library element of all of your images.

I love Luminar but I am afraid I won’t be leaving Adobe Lightroom just yet.. simply because of the Watermark Feature offered by Adobe and because I can’t upload directly to WordPress from Luminar.  Like I can do with Lightroom.  Also, there is no smart collection facility.  Something I use constantly within Lightroom.  A review on PetaPixel gives a more defined review, including the good, the bad and the ugly.

However, on saying that… I do like the new tweaks they’ve done to the editing part of the software.

Hole Park

As you may have gathered, I do love soft focus landscape images and I do find that Luminar 3 is better than the Luminar 2018 when editing images to get a soft focus effect.


The above images were processed in Luminar 3 and hopefully in the near future they Skylum will develop plugins and publish services like Adobe Lightroom have, especially for the likes of WordPress, Viewbug, Flickr and 500px services, to name but a few.

I had high hopes that finally now that Skylym has got their act together and finally released the new Luminar 3 I would be able to migrate away from Adobe… But that won’t be happening in the near too distant future.

Luminar3 is still a great piece of software… but for the time being.. it will be just used as a plug-in and I will continue with Lightroom Classic for my majority of cataloguing of images and processing.



6 responses to “Luminar 3”

  1. itsgwenphotography17 avatar

    Nice shot❣️


  2. Luminar and onOne do not have the ability to add detailed keywords like Lightroom. I add scientific names to my nature images and like to be able to export and save the keywords file.
    What extension do you use in Lightroom to directly upload images to WordPress? I looked on the Adobe LR classic extensions site and can not find one that will work. I have a site.


    1. It is a WordPress App… Here is the link. You can use it on or jetpack enabled blogs. It is great because it does save you wasting hard-drive space


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