Photo for the Week – 19 – Leaves

First of all, thanks go to everyone who entered last week’s challenge and congratulations on making the challenge a success.  And my sincere apologies if I didn’t get back to you on your submissions, but I was on holiday and to be perfectly honest the signal was horrendous.

There were some stunning boat and ship images submitted and thank you all for sharing your images.  This weeks topic is Leaves.

Acer Tree Leaf

I just love how the raindrops have settled on the leaves of the acer tree, which was photographed at Sheffield Park Gardens, in East Sussex.


The above photograph was taken at Shorne Country Park just as winter was setting in and I love the golden tones of the leaves.

So again my apologies if I missed anyone last week… but hopefully now I’m home and back to the grind.. I will be able to thank you all for entering the challenge.

Next Week’s Topic – Macro

Photo for the Week

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We also host a Mid-Week Monochrome Photography Challenge on a Wednesday.. if you’d like to enter please feel free to do so.  Instructions on how to enter can be read here.

If you wish to participate in a daily floral challenge Cee Neuner runs various challenges including Flower of the Day. Pop on over to her blog and have a look.  She also has a list of other Challenges that are taking place, should you be missing the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenges like I am.

Have a good week everyone xx


30 responses to “Photo for the Week – 19 – Leaves”

  1. The first snap is so gorgeous. Very lovely 🙂

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  4. […] Back-lit Peacock Plant leaf. Croton leaves in dark green spotted with cerise.Tropical Philodendron leaves, one of my favourite photos from 2017.Banana leaves with red undersides.Striped leaf of the Calathea ornata plant. The striking leaves of the Canna Lily.Raindrop-studded jewel-tone leaves.The prickly underside of a six-foot leaf of the giant rhubarb, Gunnera manicata.A chewed leaf in the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden, run through the photo app Stackables.The last two (or three) leaves on the maple tree outside my window. It was probably the last sun of the season; as I write this the tree is completely bare and it’s pouring out!More of Ryan Photography’s Photo for the Week: Leaves. […]


  5. I love how both photos convey two very different aspects of autumn – darkness and rain in one; last sun of the season in the other.

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  6. Some very high class beautiful photos

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  10. Love the raindrops on the leaves! Here’s mine, I’m not a photographer – kindly bear…

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    1. Many thanks for entering.. stunning leaves.. I love how you managed to capture the hairs on the those leaves.. on the next to last image.


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  14. Beautiful pictures! Autumn is a season I frequently write about as I believe all seasons leave behind a message. Good read!

    Ann Marie Ruby |

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    1. Thank you… I love autumn too xx


  15. hi bren, great colored pictures you have chosen this week, here is my contribution to the challenge week in black & White,
    greetings robert

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    1. Beautiful images.. thank you for entering xx


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  18. These leaves are beautiful!

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  19. […] of all, thanks go to everyone who entered last week’s challenge and congratulations on making the challenge a success.  I really enjoyed viewing your macro […]


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