One Word Sunday – Earth

Past the gate

The topic for this week’s One Word Sunday was Earth.  Earth can mean many things, ranging from electrical right through to dirt.  But for my earth topic… I wanted to pick Planet Earth.

The above photograph is of Northward Hill Nature Reserve, near High Halstow in Kent.. and even though the path to the gate is just earth.. earth represents so much more in this image.  It represents things that have to be protected, not just because we want to, but because it is of a necessity, in order to maintain the balance between man and nature.

Little Egret

We need to protect nature in order for the Little Egret above to survive.  This little egret was photographed from the nature reserve.  And he was a right little poser.

Little Egret

Believe me… he just waded on the marshes and gave us a great photo opportunity.

Little Egret

This planet – Earth – is the only planet we have.. so we must protect it at all costs.




14 thoughts on “One Word Sunday – Earth

  1. I do like these. Strong vignetting is a personal artistic choice and works very well in some images, such as yours. I use it a lot. A tutorial I saw recently said to make vignetting subtle and not obvious. I am now trying to do that.
    I hope more is done to save our planet.

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