Sheffield Park Gardens – Photography Showcase

Sheffield Park Path
A photograph of Autumn Colours at Sheffield Park Gardens in East Sussex.

The above image was photographed at Sheffield Park Gardens, during the autumn months. I really love the rich chestnust colour of that tree.

Photography Showcase Facebook Group.


Facebook Group
Photography Showcase
Facebook group · 26 members

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A photography group to showcase your images and to discuss techniques, share tips and processing ideas.

What with Google+ closing now in the next few months.. I have tried other platforms, but it looks like Facebook is the easiest.. So I have created this Photography Showcase Group.

It is open to all Facebook members, and there are not hard fast rules to the group except, no porn, violent or offensive images and being nice to each other.

I know Facebook is not everyones cup of tea but I do hope to see some of my readers who are on Facebook, over the on the new Facebook Group.

If you wish to join just click on the join group link in this post (on the right) or you can click join group from the Group’s Widget in the Sidebar.


4 responses to “Sheffield Park Gardens – Photography Showcase”

  1. That really is a beautiful image.

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  2. Lovely image. It’s a bit too dark though. The highlights are great 🙂

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    1. Thanks.. i did do a lighter version but something about the darker image seemed to appeal to me…


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