Content aware fill

One of the new powerful features in Photoshop is the Content-Aware Fill tool.  In this video, Julianne Kost explains its concept and what it can do.

I wanted to take the content-aware tool a little further. As you can see from the image below, the waterfall is practically dead-centre and I wanted it more to the right.

So it was off to Photoshop.   Firstly I processed the image in Luminar and when I was happy with the edit.  I then created a new layer.  I dragged this layer to underneath my edited image.  And then I increased the canvas size to give me more pixels on the left.

I then went back to my image layer and using the magic wand tool I selected the transparent pixels of the image.  I then increased the width by 5 pixels by using the Select Modify expand option and selecting 5 pixels.

I then went to Edit and selected content-aware fill and using the method as per the video I selected the areas where I wanted Photoshop to sample from.  And here is the final image.

As you can see by increasing the canvas size slightly on the left just moved my waterfall over to the right.  I hope this little tip helps you in some way.  And I have to say Photoshop Content-Aware Fill just gets better and better.


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