Abbotsbury Sub-Tropical Gardens

Way, way back before we officially took up photography we went on a holiday to Dorset.  And during our holiday we visited Abbotsbury Sub-Tropical Gardens.  As we strolled around the gardens we came across this little wooden structure.

The above image is straight out of camera, and was shot in Jpeg format using a Fuji FinePix S5700.

And I thought it would be an ideal image, to showcase the various pieces of Photo Enhancing Software I have.. Lightroom, Topaz Impression, Luminar and ON1 Raw 2018.



Topaz Impression


ON1 Raw 2018.5

50normalMy Luminar, Impression and On1 images were created in Photoshop using the Lightroom version of the image.

All I did was copy layer 0, rename it and then use the appropriate software.  Once I saved my image back into Lightroom, I then disabled the software layer, recreated another Lay 0 and repeated the process.

As you can see each image has its own qualities.

Going one step further in this challenge, I activated each layer as per the photoshop layers panel image above and set the layer blend mode to normal with a 50% Opacity for each of the layers, named On1Raw, Luminar and Topaz Impression.  Which gave me this the final image below.


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