A Photo a Week Challenge: Through Glass

For my birthday one year, we went to Whipsnade zoo and this photograph of a lioness was photographed through a glass window.  And I thought it would be an ideal image for Nancy’s A Photo A Week Challenge.

9 responses to “A Photo a Week Challenge: Through Glass”

  1. She’s a beautiful cat! ❤️😻

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    1. She was John XX here in Kent we have the Big Cat Sanctuary which is not open to the public only on special days.. you can book a photographic experience but is is £250 per person.. and I can’t afford that 🤣🤣


  2. Beautiful capture. Thanks for joining the challenge!

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  3. Excellent photo! No reflections and you caught the lioness with an interesting facial expression!

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    1. Thank you.. to cut down on the reflection I had the lens on the glass xx


  4. Is this cat sanctuary for those that cannot be released into the wild? This is one beautiful photo, Bren.


  5. Way cool! Love it!!


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