Lightroom Classic CC – New HDR Panoramic Merge

Morden Hall Park

One new feature of the new Lightroom Classic October update is the ability to merge HDR shots into a Panoramic.  Prior to this update to create a panoramic HDR you had to merge each of your HDR shots into one HDR image.. then you had to take each those merged shots to create your panoramic. It was time consuming, especially if you had a load of shots creating your HDR Panoramic.

However, with the new HDR Panoramic Merge.. life just got a whole lot easier.

Simply by selecting your images and then right clicking you are given the option to merge to HDR Panoramic


A dialogue box for the HDR Panorama appears.

tree hdr panoramic.PNG

You have all the same options as a normal set of one-shot panormic images before you decide as to whether or not to merge to create your panoramic HDR image..  As you can see.. life just got a whole lot easier with the new update for Lightroom Classic.

I love it!!!!


4 responses to “Lightroom Classic CC – New HDR Panoramic Merge”

  1. Wow, these are beautiful Bren. Wish I had your skills! ❤️🙏


    1. Thank you John… it was such a huge tree.. the only way to capture it was to take it in two halves. I am quite pleased how it came out because these shots were all hand-held without a tripod.


  2. Great tip Bren. Although I do not do HDR but now that I know its so simple to do it I want to try some. Thank you very much!


    1. You are welcome XX Glad it helped xx


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