Photo for the Week – 12 – Clouds

Photo for the Week – 12 – Clouds

First of all, thanks go to everyone who entered last week’s challenge.  I think it has been the challenge so far that has had the most entries.  Thank you, everyone, for taking time out and going in the challenge.  For this week’s challenge, I thought I would choose the subject of Clouds.  To me, clouds make an image.  I love images where clouds have drama.  Stormy skies are my favourite. 

Here is a selection of images I’ve processed where I have either loved the clouds or added clouds in the sky.

Photo for the Week

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We also host a Mid-Week Monochrome Photography Challenge on a Wednesday.. if you’d like to enter please feel free to do so.  Instructions on how to enter can be read here.

If you wish to participate in a daily floral challenge Cee Neuner runs various challenges including Flower of the Day. Pop on over to her blog and have a look.  She also has a list of other Challenges that are taking place, should you be missing the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenges like I am.

Have a good week everyone xx

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46 responses to “Photo for the Week – 12 – Clouds”

  1. Beautiful images, Bren. I must start doing your challenges. They look like fun.
    Not sure I have any clouds though for this week. They’re sure aren’t any today as sky is a uniform grey. Perhaps late4 in the week.


    • Hi Helen… if you have clouds from previous weeks… you can use them. Maybe the title is a bit confusing. Ummmm. Don’t know whether to change the challenge to Topic For The Week.. oh decisions …. I hate them 😀 😀 😀 😀


  2. […] – Manic Monday 3 Way Prompt / Gathering -VJ’s Weekly Challenge #18 / Clouds – Photo for the Week #12 / Routine – FOWC / Plump – RDP / Fathom – WODC / Branches – Daily Photo […]


  3. […] That may seem obvious, but some places in the world don’t really have clouds, or at least not often. Las Vegas has lots of buildings that reflect but not that many clouds. This was a rare day in that desert city. Holland has clouds, mostly the puffy white ones that you see in their paintings. A straight-forward reflection of clouds on a pillar in the Amsterdam Central Train Station. Around rainy Vancouver we have lots of clouds, and glass buildings to reflect them off, but I see my favourites from this area have been reflected off of cars.Car with cloud reflections at Burnaby Hats Off Day.Another reflection, this of ‘Homer Simpson’ clouds in the sky above the Canadian Okanogan. This is an arid climate so the clouds have a distinctly different look to them than the rain-filled clouds on the coast.Ireland has lots of clouds and a fair amount of water to reflect them in. The beach from our White Rocks Coastal Walk in Northern Ireland, UK.This reflection in the water was from our walk along Belfast’s Maritime Trail. Angkor Wat at sunrise (Cambodia.)At one point we were able to see clouds reflected in the rainbow walk of ARoS from the outside (Aarhus, Denmark).Lastly, if you have great clouds and nothing to reflect them off at hand, you can always run them through the photo app Matter. Here are some of Madrid’s Reina Sofia clouds reflected off a geometric shape.More of Ryan Photography for the Week Challenge: Clouds. […]

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    • Thank you for sharing your image.. love the drama in those clouds. Clouds are one of the things I look for. If it is dull, dank and miserable.. I tend to go with Black and White… One thing I must learn to do.. is long exposure. I love the way the clouds seem to go on and on and the softness of them.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you so much, I´m happy you like it 🙂 I´m looking for them all the time too, it´s like an addiction I must say. The sky is so beautiful, and it tells us a lot about the beauty of nature and the world. And I too should make more long exposure photography, it is amazing indeed. But I really need a lighter tripod, since mine is too heavy, so I don´t usually carry it with me.

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