Lens-Artists Challenge #14 – Look Through My WINDOW

Lens-Artists Challenge for this weekend is called…’Lock through my window‘. And for this challenge, I thought I would use some images, that I’ve processed over the years with windows in them.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!!!


12 responses to “Lens-Artists Challenge #14 – Look Through My WINDOW”

  1. A splendid gallery of windows, with some real gems! Thank you for joining in – and I love them all, but still have a favorite…As a Wisteria lover, I gasped seeing that photo! Wisteria against a greyish stone wall is among the most beautiful constellations I can think of.


    1. Thank you very much…XX I have a challenge coming up the week after next the involves a wisteria xx


  2. Such beautiful photos. Perfect photos. ❤️


  3. Terrific response Bren, I especially liked your opening capture and the window with birds

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  4. Wonderful photography and processing!


  5. Wonderful images, Bren


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