As we drove to Mallaig on a storm-filled day we stopped in a layby and photographed this image of one of the lochs, called Loch Nan Uamh not far from The Prince’s Cairn as we headed towards Mallaig.

What I love about Scotland, is this; they cater to tourists who want to take photos.  Along with their roads at scenic locations, there are laybys for cars to pull in so that you can stop, get out of your vehicle and take images safely.  And you can do this without holding up the traffic or making it a hazard for vehicles to pass you.

I thought this image would be ideal to show the contrast in the clouds as the topic for RDP Tuesday is called Contrast.


4 responses to “RDP # Tuesday: CONTRAST”

  1. I believe we may have driven past this loch and you are so right. There are so many spots to pull over and take photos in Scotland (well in the highlands anyway not sure about other spots) which made it great for me. Problem is as soon as I would find a cool spot with no people within minutes others would see us pulled over and “join” in. Once an entire tour bus pulled over to where we were and I just had to leave! lol

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    1. Thank you for your comment. We found that.. a couple of times we stopped at places and got our tripods out.. and within minutes there were people parking up and taking photos. At one of the waterfalls that is by the main road into Glencoe there were coaches galore. It was rather hit or miss if you got a photograph.


  2. A very moody photo. It looks magic.

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