Moonlight Composite

One of the tasks that I’ve set myself to learn is composite work.  Yes, I add textures to images, but I’ve never in Photoshop taken two images and then used different elements from each image to create another.

In this image (Image A), I like the driftwood in the foreground and texture of the sand.

However, in this image (Image B), I like the darkness of the sky and the light on the water.

Now to combine the two images together and add a moon, with texture in the clouds. And for that, I used this image that I found on the internet which was free to use.

Full corn .jpg

Processing Technique

  1. In Lightroom – In opened Figure A and B as layers in Photoshop.
  2. In Photoshop – Once the layers were open I created a new layer and increased the canvas size to 125%.
  3. I dragged Figure B to be above that new layer and then I dragged figure B to be above the New Layer and I then dragged Figure A to be above the New Layer and Figure B.
  4. The transformation was next so using the command Control+T I transformed Figure B so that it completely covered the new layer.  I wasn’t really worried about keeping perspective as I was also going to free transform Figure A.
    After transforming Figure A and B to the perspective I wanted my next task was to remove the sky from Figure A.
  5. Using the quick selection tool and on the Figure A layer I just selected the sky and pressed delete.  And created a layer mask just to tidy up the edges.
  6. Now with the basics of my composite finished, I needed to darken the sand in Figure A.  To achieve this I created a clipping mask to Figure Add and added an exposure adjustment layer.
  7. My next task was to place my moon.   I added the moon as a new layer and selected an opacity and blending layer so I could see the moon and the sand.  I then moved the moon and increased its size, using free transform, until I achieved the size of the moon I wanted.
  8. I then used a layer mask on the moon layer to remove some of its texture in the sand and water..  using a very low opacity and flow soft brush.
  9. When I was satisfied it was time to save the image which was imported back into Lightroom.
  10. Once back into Lightroom I added a couple of graduated filters to the sky and then some radial filters to the moon, water and sand.

I hope you like my first composite.

Have a good day everyone!!


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