Photo Challenge – From the Car – well not quite!

On top of the world

Well, this week’s challenge from Weekly Prompts is called From the Car.  Now here is the problem I haven’t got one image photographed from the car… but I do have images taken from the capsules of the London Eye.  

The above image was taken as the capsule reached the top of the eye before heading back down to earth.

Now I’ve never thought about taking images from the car, but I now have that challenge on my list of photographic challenges.  Anyway, I hope this image is suitable, as the capsule was on the move albeit very slowly.!

10 responses to “Photo Challenge – From the Car – well not quite!”

  1. If you can travel in it, no matter how slowly, it passes as transport Bren! Good choice 🙂

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  2. Great shot, love this!

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  3. Time to enlist the help of someone to drive you around while you capture some images.

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    1. Now that is one brilliant idea. Normally we out our cameras in the boot of the car.. next time we are out I’m going to make sure I carry my camera with me xx


    1. Hi thanks for linking to my image.. it is greatly appreciated but the challenge owner is Weekly Prompts


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