Lens-Artist Photo Challenge – Look Up


Local to us is Canterbury Cathedral, the mother church of Anglian Communion and the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury.  The ceilings within Canterbury Cathedral are exquisite.  The first photo is of a photograph of the Crossing Dome and the image below is one of the many arched ceilings found within the cathedral.

Canterbury Cathedral Ceiling

And I thought they would be ideal photos for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Look Up.

18 responses to “Lens-Artist Photo Challenge – Look Up”

  1. Magnificent! ❤️

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  2. Love Cathedrals and Churches and the solemn artwork we can find within. Thank you for the photos.

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    1. Thank you xx I am pleased you liked them.


  3. The best look up I have read so far

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  4. Wow. The dome shot is incredible.

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  5. Ideal for sure, and amazingly beautiful


  6. Canterbury Cathedral is very impressive. I recall trying to get a photo like your first image, but I think you have made a much better job of it. Looking up at the magnificent ceilings can give you a crick in the neck!

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    1. Hi, yes it sure does make you neck ache … those ceiling were impressive. So are the ones in York Minter xx Thank you for stopping by and commenting xx


  7. The details are certainly majestic 🙂

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