Fur-baby Friday – FBF 3

A photograph of our late Tibetan Mastiff,

Back in July 2012, I lost my fur-boy Bo… short for Bo-Diddley.  He was a Tibetan Mastiff stroke human.  He was aloof unless he wanting a stroke.  Because he was a night-barker, it meant him having to come to bed with us.

He would sleep beside his poppa and then when he got up for work, he would stroll around to my side.  He could hear a crisp packet rustle from miles away.   And when he wanted to go to bed he would stand by the door until you opened the door and he took himself to bed.  

As for getting up in the morning, well, he was no early riser that’s for sure.  And he loved children.  Because of his size, he knew he was intimidating so he would just lay down and let the children stroke him.

Yes, he had his faults!  Like chewing on wood.  A shed, three planters, decking, fence panels and bushes.  Even a pyracantha was no much for Bo. Whilst we would hold it gingerly because of its thorns, Bo would run around with a piece in his mouth and want to play tug of war.

I love Stewie and Dumpling like mad… but Bo was my boy xx And 6 years later I still miss him.


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