Flower of the day 28th September 2018 – In the pink

Clandon Park Rose

The above rose was photographed at Clandon Park in Surrey back in 2012.  And I thought with its pastel pink petals it was ideal not just for Cee’s Flower of the Day but for Becky’s Square September – In the Pink

Clandon Park was a beautiful stately home with grand marble entrance hall, but sadly it suffered serious fire damage in April 2015, due to an electrical fault.  However, the National Trust is in the process of restoring this great house back to its glory.

Going off at a tangent here, and these photos have nothing to do with the challenges, but I thought I would show you the beautiful marble entrance hall photographed back in 2012 before the fire in April 2015.



4 responses to “Flower of the day 28th September 2018 – In the pink”

    1. Thank you Becky xx I can’t believe there are only two more days left. Where has this month gone? Have a great weekend xx


  1. So soft and gentle 😀


    1. Thank you xx have a great weekend xx


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