Square September – In the pink

A photograph of one of the rooms at Smallhythe Place

Becky will be amazed that I finally found something pink… other than a flower 😀 😀 😀  for her Square September – In the pink photography challenge.

The photo was shot in one of the rooms of Smallhythe Place in Tenterden Kent, which is owned and maintained by the National Trust.

The house was the home of the late actress Ellen Terry.  Her daughter Edith Craig, was also an actress as well as a suffragette. Again this image was processed in ON1 Raw 2018.5.

5 responses to “Square September – In the pink”

  1. I’ve been loving your flowers, but your choice today is a delight as it links into this year’s Heritage theme 😁

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    1. Thank you xx it will be back to floral tomorrow xx


  2. […] been delighted by how much pink there is the world; from bright signs and simply enormous signs to signs with strong […]


  3. An interesting post. I am always grateful to those women who fought for our right to vote.

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    1. Thank you Colline, yes me too. To think if these women didn’t do what they did, where would women be today? It doesn’t bear thinking about.


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